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Things to know about this JAGUAR E-Type 4.2 LITER - OTS - ROADSTER

This car has made motoring writer Fritz B. Busch a legend, or rather the driving report he published on the E-Type at the early 1960s: “Whisky pur oder: Die Flunder” (roughly translated: “Straight Whisky or the (Scrubbed) Flounder”). Every E-Type driver knows it and everyone who wants to get one, should become acquainted with it. It won’t work without it! Amusingly, smugly, ironically – that is how the tone changes, culminating in a declaration of love. Busch would certainly have been enthusiastic about this one here as well. Produced on the 1st of September in 1970, this Jaguar E-Type 4.2L convertible left Great Britain towards the United States. About ten years later, on the 1st of July 1980 the first owner sold it to a German and the Jaguar started its transatlantic journey one more time. It has been held there for 29 (!) years, before it was sold again and landed in the Allgäu region. The Jaguar was delivered together with a certification, dated 30th of June 2009, which qualifies this vehicle as still rust-free and not welded. The new owner, a restorer, bought the Jaguar for himself and took all the time in the world to grant this automobile icon a due restoration. One could describe the operations that have been done for the last eight years, what has been renewed, repaired or optimised and how much time has been spent on this project by the pageful. However, if you take a close look at the photos and the video on this page and visit the RESTORATION page afterwards, you might sense that this Jaguar presents itself at least in the condition of the date of delivery on the 1st of September in 1970! The JAGUAR HERITAGE certification of birth and a photo documentation are at hand. Numbers of chassis, motor and transmission are matching. TÜV- & H-certification are at hand as well! A true beauty that enchanted entire generations!

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Hersteller / Manufacturer Jaguar
Modell / Model E-Type
Ausführung / Type OTS (Open Two Seater)
Baureihe / Series Serie II / Series II
Karosserie / Body style Roadster
Tachostand abgelesen / Milage read 100 Km / 62 mls
Baujahr / Year 1970
Zulassung / Registration 12/1970
Leistung / Power 154 kW / 210 PS/HP
Hubraum / Cubic capacity 4.235 ccm / CCs
Zylinder / Cylinders 6
Kraftstoff / Fuel type Benzin / Petrol
Getriebe / Transmission Manuell / Manual
Antrieb / Drive Heck / Rear
Lenkung / Steering Links / Left (LHD)
Türen / Doors 2
Sitzplätze / Seats 2
Aussenfarbe /
Exterior colour
Silber- /
Polster / Upholstery Leder schwarz /
Leather black
Teppich / Carpet Schwarz / Black
Lenkrad / Steering wheel
Holz / Wood
Schaltknauf / Shift lever
Holz / Wood
Matching numbers Ja / Yes
Restaurationszustand / Condition category Komplettrestauration / Complete restauration
Gutachten / Report "CLASSIC DATA"
(Germany´s Nr. 1), Note 1

Additional equipment

Metallic paint finish, leather interior, antenna, radio, power steering, white-wall radial tire on chrome spoke wheels with central lock, MOTOLITA sports steering wheel with wooden rim, stainless steel exhaust system;

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