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1953 - SAAB 92B DE LUXE


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Things to know about this SAAB 92B De Luxe

Bought sight unseen in Sweden in early 2014! The description “gott skick” (good condition) might have been a result of the seller‘s perceptual disorder and was definitely far away from actuality.... It took almost four years to complete the search for spare parts, suppliers and specialists that were able to put the SAAB in a condition worthy of calling it “gott skick”. By now, the car’s performance has become breathtaking again and knowing about the efficiency of the braking system the driver can fully enjoy the decelerating speed range. In case of emergency, one could just as well use the “suicide doors” as brake flaps. The shock absorbers (made in the UK) are adjustable from „Comfort“ to „Sport“ and enable cornering speeds close to a power slide. The extract below shows the extensive operations, new parts and custom-built models (not to mention the invested money and life time):

What’s NEW?:

  • 5x FIRESTONE „Sprint Classic“
  • 4x shock absorbers, custom-built in the UK, adjustable from „Comfort“ to„Sport“
  • 4x brakes (complete): linings, cylinder, springs, mounting etc.
  • All door seals
  • Wiper axes and mechanisms
  • Bosch ignition switch
  • Spark plugs
  • Bosch 6V battery
  • Complete wiring (Bosch-Classic-Service)
  • KING fuel filter with pressure control
  • Headlights and lamps
  • Bellows between radiator, blower and air flaps
  • Bodywork painting
  • Painting of the aggregates in the engine compartment

  • That has been OVERHAULED:

  • Completely new placement of the breaker plate (Bosch-Classic-Service)
  • Radiator overhauled and cleaned
  • Carburetor overhauled
  • Rims sandblasted and powder-coated
  • Engine/transmission iceblasted

  • That has been newly DEVELOPED:

    Bosch-Classic-Service developed a control system for the entire light system. Thus, brake light, driving light and flashing light are indicated via the rear light. Simultaneously the lateral WINKERS, which may also be in operation, as they do not exceed the maximal width of the car, are triggered.

    That’s also NEW:

  • TüV (technically report)

  • Philosophical

    „Beauty is the summation of parts working together in such a way that nothing needs to be added, taken away, or altered!“ This definition perfectly fits this SAAB! Whoever feels differently cannot be a true SAAB fan! It puts an expression of positive shock on everybody who can catch a glimpse of it: "A plane without propeller or wings!"


    1945: Aviation engineer Gunnar Ljungström designs the first SAAB 92. Based on this, industrial designer Sixten Sason develops the final form of the body.

    1947: On June 4, the developer team presents the first prototype of the 92 model to the SAAB management. Six days later the SAAB 92 is presented to the press.

    1949: Start of production in December.

    1950: Deliveries of the first customer vehicles in the middle of January. Later, two racing teams at the Monte Carlo Rally start in a SAAB 92.

    1952: Greta Molander and Helga Lundberg win the "Coupe des Dames" of the Monte Carlo Rally in a SAAB 92.

    1953: SAAB engineer Rolf Mellde reaches the podium of the Swedish Rally in a SAAB 92. Different model updates and the name change into 92B follow.

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    Hersteller / Manufacturer Saab
    Modell / Model 92
    Ausführung / Type De Luxe
    Baureihe / Series „B“
    Karosserie / Body style Coupé / Coupe
    Tachostand abgelesen / Milage read 81.600 Km / 50.700 mls
    Baujahr / Year 1953
    Zulassung / Registration 07/1953
    Leistung / Power 18 kW / 24 PS/HP
    Hubraum / Cubic capacity 759 ccm / CCs
    Zylinder / Cylinders 2
    Kraftstoff / Fuel type Benzin / Petrol
    Getriebe / Transmission Manuell / Manual
    Antrieb / Drive Front
    Lenkung / Steering Links / Left (LHD)
    Türen / Doors 2
    Sitzplätze / Seats 5
    Aussenfarbe /
    Exterior colour
    Grau / Grey
    Polster / Upholstery Stoff grau/
    Fabric grey
    Lenkrad / Steering wheel
    Grau / Grey
    Schaltknauf / Shift lever
    Grau / Grey
    Matching numbers Ja / Yes
    Restaurationszustand / Condition category Restauriert / Restored
    Gutachten / Report Nein / No

    Additional equipment

    Horn from BOSCH;

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