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1952 - PORSCHE 356 PRE A COUPÉ - Split Window


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Things to know about this Porsche 356 pre A Coupé

This 356 pre-A Coupé was delivered to the Porsche dealer Glöckler in Frankfurt in 1952. The latter then sold it to a customer in the United States. Thus, the 356 spent its automobile past in sunny California. The first owner has owned the car for 30 and the second owner for 15 years. It took 45 years until the Coupé’s tires returned to German soil. After arriving here, it has been restored according to local standards of quality. 20 years have passed since this restoration has been done and in hindsight it should be noted that the restorer did a perfect job. There is no change of paint and no corrosion wherever you look. Important to note: Only since 2015 the 356 has been able to drive on the road again. Thanks to the head of the “tradition” department of RECARO Holding GmbH it was made possible in 2016 to newly and authentically reproduce the complete interior, starting from the carpets and the roof liner, up to the door panels and the seat covers. This 356 pre-A Coupé is an absolute rarity in the market and presents itself as an automobile beauty with a guaranteed increase in value.

The History of this Porsche 356 pre A Coupé

The Porsche 356 was Porsche’s first production automobile. The Porsches ran a construction office and developed products for the best-known manufacturers at that time. The model name 356 refers to the sequential number of this Porsche construction. On the 7th of July in 1948, the first test report about a Porsche Coupé was published. The design came from Erwin Komenda, who had also designed the body of the VW Beetle. The aluminium bodies of the first vehicles were handcrafted in Gmünd/Kärnten in Austria, where Porsche had settled down after World War II. In 1950 Porsche relocated to Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. The production did now take place in the halls of Karosseriewerke Reutter which were already producing 500 steel bodies of the 356 for Porsche at the end of 1949. In the first few Porsche 356 vehicles many serial parts of VW, such as transmission, brakes, steering system and front/rear axle suspension, were installed. In spite of consistent further development, Porsche counted on its patented ‘Kurbellenkerachse’ (roughly translated: ‘crank handle axle’) and the swing axle with torsion bars which were both well-known from the VW Beetle. The engine (case) is also based on the one that had originally been designed for the Beetle, however it was continuously developed. The 356 was the first sports car that was developed and produced by Porsche and sold under the name ‘Porsche’ at the same time. A Coupé as well as a soft-top version were available for order. One could recognise the first Porsche 356 models by their two-part windscreen with a middle bar. The first 356 produced in series left the REUTTER-Karosseriewerk in Stuttgart on April the 6th in 1950. The radio antenna had a red tip and the fuel level could only be measured by means of a wooden stick with notches that was vertically inserted into the fuel tank, since there was no fuel gauge. At that time the 356 costed about 10,000DM, which was almost twice the price of a VW Beetle.

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Hersteller / Manufacturer Porsche
Modell / Model 356
Ausführung / Type 1.1L
Baureihe / Series Pre A
Karosserie / Body style Coupé / Coupe
Tachostand abgelesen / Milage read 4.800 Km / 2.982 mls
Baujahr / Year 1952
Zulassung / Registration 07/1952
Leistung / Power 29 kW / 40 PS/HP
Hubraum / Cubic capacity 1.086 ccm / CCs
Zylinder / Cylinders 4
Kraftstoff / Fuel type Benzin / Petrol
Getriebe / Transmission Manuell / Manual
Antrieb / Drive Heck / Rear
Lenkung / Steering Links / Left (LHD)
Türen / Doors 2
Sitzplätze / Seats 4
Aussenfarbe /
Exterior colour
Code R505 - fischsilbergrau /
Fish silver grey
Polster / Upholstery Leder/Stoff /
Leather/fabric grey
Teppich / Carpet Grey / Grau
Lenkrad / Steering wheel
Elfenbein / Ivory
Schaltknauf / Shift lever
Elfenbein / Ivory
Matching numbers Ja / Yes
Restaurationszustand / Condition category Komplettrestauration / Complete restauration
Gutachten / Report TÜV-Gutachten, Note 1

Additional equipment

Telefunken radio, aerial manual, single seats front (instead of continuous seat), seat in the rear, ashtray, sun visor right;

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