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1970 - MERCEDES-BENZ 280SL PAGODA - Series W113


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Things to know about this Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda

No matter how you look at it: A Pagoda that has been delivered in Germany and has been driven exclusively here for 47 years, usually takes significant damage caused by the weather effects in our latitudes and the salt on our roads. Thus, for an upcoming restoration many parts have to be replaced and rather substantial welding work has to be done. We prefer spending more money for a rust-free basic vehicle, than filleting the whole car and then recomposing it by using spare parts. However, nearly rust-free Pagodas, such as this one, are probably only available in the United States. After the removal of paint, we have completely rebuilt this Pagoda just as it was on the original delivery date – all that in accordance with the data card at hand. In that process the vehicle is converted to European standard: the speedometer shows kilometers instead of miles, two-piece headlights are replaced by one-piece headlights, the side turn indicators are removed, etc. New parts are exclusively ordered from Mercedes-Classic. We do not use re-manufactured, but solely original parts. We take the time that is necessary to give this automobile a rebirth and bring it back to its original state from 1970. A photo documentation is at hand. The color combination of this Mercedes-Benz Pagoda 280SL conforms to the state as when delivered from the factory in 1970. The numbers of chassis, motor, transmission and the built-in aluminum-parts are matching the data card. TÜV-, H- and Classic Data-certifications are made available before delivery! The very rare color „Arabian Grey“in original configuration makes this Pagoda rather special!

The history of the Mercedes-Benz SL “Pagoda”

On occasion of the 1963 Geneva Motor Show, Daimler-Benz introduced the Mercedes-Benz 230 SL with 150PS / 110kW in 3 different models: An open roadster with an easy-to-handle soft-top, the popular convertible-version with a hardtop and finally a hardtop-coupe that lacked a soft-top (compartment), although it had additional storage space for luggage. That version could also be driven open-top by removing the hardtop. As an optional equipment there was a transverse rear seat. Later the so-called "California- Coupé" with a fold-down rear bench seat instead of a soft-top compartment was introduced. In addition to the 4-speed manual transmission, a 4-speed automatic transmission could be ordered for the first time in the SL-history. Since May 1966 a ZF 5-speed transmission has been made available against an extra charge. The slightly concave hardtop inspired the nickname "Pagoda". In February 1967 Mercedes-Benz introduced the 250SL. The main changes concerned the motor and the brake system. The nominal maximum power remained unchanged but capacity and torque improved: + 190 cc /+20 Nm. This had a positive effect on the smoothness. After 5.196 units of the 250 SL had been produced, Mercedes-Benz introduced the 280 SL in 1968: 170PS / 125kW, 240 Nm. 23.885 Pagodas with the 2.8 liter motor have been built and one of them presents itself here, restored elaborately, with competence and very detailed in accordance with the original data card, in the condition of a new car and with a CLASSIC DATA CERTIFICATE, state 1!

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Hersteller / Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Modell / Model SL
Ausführung / Type 280 SL Pagode / Pagoda
Baureihe / Series W113
Karosserie / Body style Cabriolet / Convertible
Tachostand abgelesen / Milage read 100 Km /
62 mls
Baujahr / Year 1970
Zulassung / Registration 10/1970
Leistung / Power 125 kW / 170 PS/HP
Hubraum / Cubic capacity 2.778 ccm / CCs
Zylinder / Cylinders 6
Kraftstoff / Fuel type Benzin / Petrol
Getriebe / Transmission Automatik / Automatic
Antrieb / Drive Heck / Rear
Lenkung / Steering Links / Left (LHD)
Türen / Doors 2
Sitzplätze / Seats 2
Aussenfarbe /
Exterior colour
Code 396 – mittelblau- /
Medium blue metallic
Farbe des Hardtops /
Hardtop colour
Code 396 – mittelblau- /
Medium blue metallic
Farbe der Radkappen /
Hubcaps colour
Code 396 – mittelblau- /
Medium blue metallic
Farbe des Stoffverdecks /
Soft Top colour
Code 5010 – dunkelblau /
Dark blue
Polster /
Code 5000 – Leder blau /
Leather blue
Tuftingteppich /
Code 5003 – dunkelblau /
Dark blue
Lenkrad / Steering wheel
Schwarz / Black
Schaltknauf / Shift lever
Schwarz / Black
Matching numbers Ja / Yes
Restaurationszustand / Condition category Komplettrestauration / Complete restauration
Gutachten /
"CLASSIC DATA" (Germany´s Nr. 1), Note 1

Sonderausstattung / Additional equipment

Radio Becker Europa TR
Metallic-Lackierung / Metallic paint
Elektrische Antenne / Aerial electric
Aussenspiegel rechts / Exterior mirror right side
Lederausstattung / Leather upholstery
Kopfstützen in Leder / Leather head restraints
Servolenkung / Power steering
Sicherheitsgurte / Seat belts
Hardtopscheiben coloriert / Hardtop windows tinted

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