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1965 - CITROEN ID 1.9P - untouched original condition!


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Things to know about this CITROEN ID 1.9P

This CITROEN ID 1.9P MECANIQUE was registered for the first time in France on the 23rd of September in 1965. Citroen advertised it as the car that lasts a lifetime in the 1960s and this does not seem to have been an overstatement. Although the French first owner had not been able to drive the ID on health grounds already 15 years before it was sold, the vehicle changed its owner only after his death in 2012 and found its way to Germany. Meanwhile equipped with a historical number plate, it successfully completed its third rendezvous with the TÜV in March 2017. The vehicle is a complete original! No welding work has been done, the paint is original and there is no corrosion – even in poorly visible nooks (which was checked stethoscopically). Motor, transmission, hydraulic system, lighting equipment, etc. were examined and repaired by the senior partner of a Citroen authorised repairer (who is an acknowledged D-model expert with his own collection) and are perfectly functioning! No oil/hydraulic fluid loss, no malfunctions, etc. An "ID" could not be more ORIGINAL!

The history of the CITROEN ID / DS

In October 1955, Citroen introduced the D-model series, better known as “Citroen DS”, at the Paris Motor Show. The avant-garde design and the wealth of technological innovations, which may be called ‘sensational’, attracted great attention and fascinated the visitors as well as the trade press. Engineer André Lefèbvre and designer Flaminio Bertoni managed the development. Paul Magès created the hydropneumatic suspension. For the first time in the history of the construction of production vehicles, a central, hydraulical system for suspension, brakes, transmission and steering assistance (non-standard) was used. The functional and aerodynamic body design enabled extraordinary driving performances with low fuel consumption and the complex hydraulic system turned out to be robust and efficient as well. An icon in terms of technology and design was born! To keep the purchase price under the magical FF 1,000,000 limit, Citroen decided to bring a slimmed version, called “ID” to market. The ID and D-Super models are equipped slightly simpler compared to the DS models. This concerns the exterior as well as the interior and technology. For instance the top was made from glass-fibre reinforced synthetic instead of steel sheets and it was not painted. The steering assistance as well as the trims and the velour carpets were withdrawn. The hubcaps became smaller, the dashboard turned plainer and the engine power was reduced to compensate the price difference to the better equipped version. The ID, built from 1957 to 1969, was an innovative, technological highlight in many respects and one of the first production models that was equipped with Michelin radials.

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Hersteller / Manufacturer Citroen
Modell / Model ID
Ausführung / Type 1.9P
Baureihe / Series „D“ (VGD)
Karosserie / Body style Limousine
Tachostand abgelesen / Milage read 83.689 Km / 52.000 mls
Baujahr / Year 1965
Zulassung / Registration 09/1965
Leistung / Power 51 kW / 69 PS/HP
Hubraum / Cubic capacity 1.898 ccm / CCs
Zylinder / Cylinders 4
Kraftstoff / Fuel type Benzin / Petrol
Getriebe / Transmission Manuell / Manual
Antrieb / Drive Frontantrieb / Front
Lenkung / Steering Links / Left (LHD)
Türen / Doors 4
Sitzplätze / Seats 5
Aussenfarbe /
Exterior colour
Hellgrau /
Light grey
Polster / Upholstery Stoff rot /
Fabric red
Teppich / Carpet Grau / Grey
Lenkrad / Steering wheel
Schwarz / Black
Schaltknauf / Shift lever
Schwarz / Black
Matching numbers Ja / Yes
Zustand / Condition ORIGINAL! Nie gechweisst/nachlackiert / Never welded/repainted
Gutachten / Report TÜV-Gutachten, Note 2
TüV report, Note 2

Additional equipment

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